Saturday, December 19, 2009


The Cop15 Copenhagen summit got over very recently at Copenhagen, capital of Denmark.
The Copenhagen Accord, accepted and acknowledged by many countries, was the outcome of it. Let us inspect on it.

Having read the Copenhagen Accord, I came to some conclusions which are:
It does not legally bind whatever it says. Countries can violate it without sanctions.
It does not assure the world or any country as to how and where the funds it proposes would go.
It does not indicate the reduction in per capita emissions.

However it does have some merits.
The Accord recognizes the importance of afforestation to control emissions. Hm.... Perhaps someone else was shouting hoarse at the same thing for many more years.
It also establishes a Technology Mechanism to accelerate the development of sustainable technologies. I think this is the only good outcome from the COP15.
It does not specify the peaking limits of many countries.
If peaking limits were only reduced , for the currently developed countries, to levels of the now-developing countries, the world would be a happier place.

Thus is how the Copenhagen Summit resulted; it was an utter failure. It failed the hopes of many people who thought that now would be time when eveything else would be resolved. But it didn't turn out that way.

Except for the Afforestation adress there was nothing more to take not of. Where is the mechanism? Where to invest? How much more time? Nothing was specified.

Such outsomes in meeting may only result in more loss of time. A more equitable method and mechanism needs to be developed in this regard.
No wonder this dampened the spirits of many climate activists, I am certainly not very happy with it. That is why perhaps it is now being called "Flopenhagen".

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The sounds of the Universe

Our Universe is vast. It is nothing yet everything. Absolute.

We often imagine it to be empty and nothingness. It is just empty in between stars, separated by light years of void. But it is not so! It is vibrant, it is beautiful. It is the best creation of the God. No wonder why we are so insignificant in comparison with it.
It is huge, while we lie beside a small star, almost invisible to its grandness.

The Universe is a three-dimensional canvas for God, filled with miraculous creations. I would think of astronomers as the great connoisseurs of God's great astronomical works. The creations slowly metamorphose in time, changing their forms from one to another. A great visual delight for the true sight of the infinite power.

Where there is none, we simply think as nothingness. But it is not so. Humans as we are, we can only wonder at the marvelous mystique surrounding the surrealist works. God shrink's Salvador Dali, the best surrealist in our human perceptions, to a mere bystander beside his works.
The way to wonder at God's works is not only through eyes, but eyes and paper too.

James Clerk Maxwell, Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, are only a few of many who provided fundamental insight into the ways and creations of the God.

And one of them states that even the nothingness of the universe encompasses its existence.

The Universe has a vibration, even where it has no visible matter. That vibration is the magical essence of the universe. It is caused by the ground state fluctuations of oscillating quantized-fields in the Universe, and such fields include the Yang-Mills field of strong and weak interactions.
As this concept of ground state fluctuations is valid for all gauge theories, let us take the photonic ripples of the spacetime in a Maxwell elcectromagnetic field. The stars around the universe are radiating and emitting EM radiation over a wide range of wavelengths, and this radiations are abound in the universe. I ask myself, cannot these seemingly endless space allow the radiations to cancel, amplify and mix themselves into one resonating frequency all over this Universe?

May not it be that our Universe mixes all waves to one single vibration, which is fairly constant all over the Universe?
Many thinkers have thought about this. For example the Chinese thinkers think of the mysterious energy force Chi. Can't this chi be resonated with this Universal vibration?
Yes It can!

If we go on about vibrations, then other notable thinking and practical use is of the Hindu Rishis. The use of the syllable "Om" in meditation isn't just hocus-pocus ideas. It is a concept deeply thought! While pronouncing the word, the body feels a deep vibration coming from deep within, even as the eye seeks whilst it surveys the creation of God. In music, the best classical musics really do bring about that dreamy state of mind, as I find myself unto now. The correct beat, the right tones and right fluctuation can bring us forth this Universal rumble, which mea permeate the very fabric of reality.

And thus this is the sound of the Universe! The masterpiece of the heavenly Maestro!

How can we we enjoy this? Just switch on some great Mozart or Beethhoven or Bach, you will surely find the gauge field permeating through you.

And then you will feel, the world giving away, and you enjoying the secret pleasures of the vibration. Jai Guru deva..... OM ......

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


In India, the world marvels at a great democracy; but such democracy-maniacs, and you can count me in them too, are in for a true shock. It appears, as evidently as sunlight on a sunny day, that India is more of a ministocracy.

See, in India, we don't run the government. The government runs us, i. e. drives us mad. In India, it is not by the people, for the people, to the people. It is rather by the people, to the ministers, for the ministers. At least that is what the boiling underbelly of the Indian bourgeoisie says: we elect ministers, but they suck.
Just come to Nagpur this winter and you will see why.
Nagpur is a city in central India, without much of a fanfare, but it stirs when our derisory ministers come and our local babus (or local bhaus), which literally means our great Administrators, wake from their slumber and realise that the city is a little to bad in condition to welcome them. So they start work in hectic schedules that leave the citizenry baffled and add to woes of already congested roads and make them even more congested.

In short, whatever they do, only increases the troubles.

I know what the people think about them: ludicrous paunch-displays. But I don't know what misconception they have about themselves; perhaps they think that they are some sort of elite.

Let me tell you, that the the word minister is known from c.1300. It literally means "one who acts upon the authority of another". It come from Old French ministre meaning "servant" and Latin minister or ministri meaning "servant or chiefly priest's assistant " . From early 16th century it means subordinate or a subordinate to the crown.

In general, this displays what actually the word means, and those who are attested to the word must do. They are the servant of the people, serving for the well being of the society and of the people who have entrusted the administration of their country to the hands of the individuals.
Any common man would know how that administration is: corrupt, inefficient, illegible, and ridiculous.

However, this is not to mention the way they take on the various issues of the country.
A few months ago, a book by Mr. Jaswant Singh, Jinnah : India-Partition-Independence, caused so much furore, that our ministers lost sleep and shouted hoarse debating the legitimacy of history. But they were all blissfully asleep every other time. This is indeed a grave problem to our ministocracy: everything for the ministers, yet highly inefficient.

How highly inefficient?

Greatly, tremendously, incredibly inefficient. I mean, would you call a government who could not ascertain a way to mitigate the problem of electric power shortfalls? Who are blatantly biased towards their own communities? NO!
It has been over 2 years now, that Maharashtra region is facing load shedding power cuts - yet there is no respite.
Only some political ministers are good, take the case of Mr. Devendra Fadnavis. He is a little know MLA from Nagpur, but I like him! He takes up the necessary steps and agitations that we expect out of a man like him! WE NEED PEOPLE LIKE HIM!

I sincerely hope that people like him would come to the foray Indian politics. That is needed. Our current lot are tried, tested and failed; we need a younger and vibrant lot, crying hoarse on global warming and sustainable development, than a silly old Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

Tell them! That this is not the way! This is not the way! Make India a Democracy!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Henry's Handball

Well, there goes controversy again. Thierry Henry, arguably a legend of our times, handles the ball like the prince of Football once did, back in the magical days off 1986. But he question comes, whether he was a villain or a victim?
Whether or not history and millions of passionate fans would ever forget Mr. Henry for his , eh.. mishandling of the situation.

Diego Armando Maradona, as believed by many to be the best player ever to have touched the ball, shunted his slam dunk past Peter Shilton in the 1986 Quarter Final against England. It is perhaps one of the most famous (or infamous) moment in the History of football. But his goal stood the tests of time, or perhaps for the reason that the next goal Maradona scored was to be called the " Leg Of God "

Maradona go the ball from Enrique, then cuts open the England defence and feints the Keeper to the back of the net... oh yeah, the best solo ever.
Perhaps God played twice that game on Maradona's side.

But this case is entirely different from the ferocious Maradona pouncing on the ball with his bare hands; Thierry Henry didn't cheat so blatantly!
If people would look at the replay, all in real time, there was hardly any time lag between his hand and his cross. Perhaps he was expecting the whistle to blow; he was waiting the whistle to go, as people score from offside and then the whistle goes.

If it doesn't, you don't nudge on the "advantage" the referee gave.

But, as genuine sportsman, I would have like it better from the french to have told the referee immediately, but then again: would you have done the same?

It is easy for us to say it with confidence, that yes, of course, we are saints come back, and we won't accept a trice of cheat-dirt. But, consider this situation: you are carrying the burden and expectation of more than 10 million fans, wearing the honours of a proud Footballing country, and you have the reputation of your carreer; would you still have done it?

Would you still have asked for a rematch?

I agree with Henry, he didn't mean it: it all happened in the heat of the game, where our rationale is very ill balanced.

But now, when all things have been said and done, I think FIFA should have a replay of the match. It is essential for a healthy relation between two countries, and for the broken and hurt pride of sporting men; it is good for the benefit of football.

Let this shameful incident be dusted but not forgotten!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Prudence over Emotions?

A very dilating question. Yesterday i saw this interesting destructo-film called '2012'. Obviously, it is a fictional film, with lots of destruction, some neutrinos causing a type of thermal outburst from the core, which goes on to become a cause from Earth's crust getting displaced; this in turn nearly wipes out human race from the Earth, a massive catastrophe. We call it, in many languages, apocalypse; and all of this is predestined to happen on 21-12-2009 (British date), as predicted by the end of the Mayan calender.
I know it is ridiculous, but it brings to fore some dire problems that humanity faces today in its present.

For instance, the humanity is left for its doom, while the elite and the rich and the famous are taken away to an Ark, which is a secret plan, like Noah built to save the humans and the animals from the deluge.

This shows us the gaping disparities in human social structure. Something like this evident in Rio de Janeiro, with one side decorated with glittering skyscrapers to the other side filled with favelas.

The thing I liked was the American President staying behind to aid his fellow countrymen at the final hour. Such noble spirit lifts up the mind of a dying human on the very last!

I would leave it to you to rate the movie, but let us ponder on the wavering question: Prudence over emotions?
Let me put you in this delicate situation: you are a patriot, but the world is going to end, and you must either choose yourself or your people. What would you do?
I would choose the people over myself. The reason being that prudence herself is not enough to successfully grant justice.

Prudence herself derives her morality from the emotions of human beings.

Thus, it is futile to call for the justice without the feelings that guide it

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nuclear Non-Proliferation

The outcome at the last UNSC meeting was to urge all countries in the world to take action to stop production of nuclear fuel, or any related equipment. It also urges countries to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty. However, what it did not do is to ensure the world that it is free from the threat of nuclear Proliferation.

I say this because we have had this going on for years and yet not have arrived at any logical conclusion. It is only treaties treaties and more treaties.
I am sorry, but i just cannot imagine myself as safe by knowing that a powerful state has signed a treaty by which it promises not to hit me. Promises can be broken. What security does the treaty give us?
International retaliation? Well , when the world will go in the hands of fanatics, that is hardly a deterrent. We should understand well enough that if even a single nuclear bomb is launched, we will be dead, many of us at least.

Even though India has not signed the NPT, I firmly and strongly have the faith that Indian Nuclear weapons shall never be used, fro the person who shall use them will be taken from his house and hung on the streets. The power of the Indian people is much stronger than any treaty India has ever signed.

This is what I write about. There is no such mechanism to prevent use of nukes. Only treaties.

It is high time that our leaders finally realize their folly and make out such an international mechanism that could prevent any state to use the nukes. Only then can they convince the public that indeed they are safe.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Yesterday, one of my friends told me about the end of Betelguese, α Orionis. It is a star, if you do not know, and it is generally the second brightest star in the constellation of orion, whose picture I provide.

If you do not know, then Betelguese is a hugely massive star. It lies about 640 light years away from Earth, and is about 20 times the mass of the sun. It is one of the largest stars known to man, being a Red Supergiant.
If placed at the center of our own solar system, then it would gobble up the space upto Mars!

This star is only 6-10 million years old, but its massiveness is burning its hydrogen fuel up. Sooner or later, it is doomed to become a supernova.
A recent study (well, recent if counted in astonomical senses) conducted in the UC Berkeley's Infrared Spatial Interferometer (ISI) atop Mt. Wilson Observatory in Southern California that Betelguese's diameter has shrunk dramatically by 15% since 1993, in the past 15 years! And surprisingly, I was born since then! May be I am a bad omen for Betelguese.
This rapid shrinking is due to the fact that Betelguese is receding towards its ultimate end, if Dr. Charles Townes is to be believed. And we must beilieve him, for the evidences are clear --- Betelguese is going to become a supernova.

This is the scientific prohpecy of a super-star's super death, but the Internet is being flooded with messages that the star's end would mean the end of the Earth! I vaguely remember someone telling me that a black hole will suck the earth inside out once the LHC started. Gosh! I am inside a black hole..?!

This is pure rubbish. I don't know why people misinterpret everything as the earth's end. Why, aren't we destroying the Earth while we guzzle gallons of gas in our SUVs? That, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason for end of the earth, not Betelguese.

Evidences suggest that the supernova is due on 2012. Oh my god, another date! Isn't that the year the mayan calendar ends, the apocalypse of Earth? Well, I am sorry to disappoint you, it is not; unless Osama Bin Laden gets hold of Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons, it is not.

We are our own perils, and no astronomical phenomenon poses a greater threat to humanity than the greenhouse effect or the humanity itself. As for Betelguese, it will die a magnificent death. The supernova it will create will shine as bright as the full moon, or even brighter, temporarily making it the brightest star in the night sky. Imagine the moonless night being flooded with red light- ah! a poet's delight of a wonderful, but sad, phenomenon.

I would like to quote Shakespeare, "When beggars die, there are no comets are seen. The heaven themselves blaze forth the death of princes".
Julius Caesar, Act 2,Scene 2, Lines 32,33.

Now think about the death of the prince of the stars...
Such greatness does Betelguese posesses, which makes it my most faourite star. I will be bereaved to find such a friend gone, but it cannot be helped. He must go someday.And his death will be studied and analysed by countless Scientists, for it will be a spectacle that all astronomers await.

But there are fears that the X-rays and Gamma Rays might cause a mass extinction on Earth. I may rest assure you that the Gamma-ray Bursts it will cause will be directed outwards of the Earth. Also, it is very far away! It can do absolutely nothing to us, but we can only wait and see.

It would be very sad indeed for Betelguese to go, but who must die, dies. That is the law of nature.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The man who conquered himself

Once upon a time there was a great king who conquered all kingdoms of the indian subcontinent.
His military prowess was beyond any that the world had seen. Soon he began expanding his territories.

But once, he besieged the kingdom of Kalinga. The warriors of kalinga were famed for their battle skills. There was a war.

In the very last battle, clashed the entire army of the king and the Kalinga. The king won, but he couldn't stand the sight. The Blood spilled was so great that the rivers of the areas turned red. The sight of the people wailing for their beloved was so great that the king's heart ached!

This sight was so astounding, that the king gave up war, and took the name of Buddha. T
This man was Ashoka the great... the man who conquered himself.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Writer's Block!

What is most frustating? To know what you have to write, but you can't write, OR you don't know what you must write but keep on writing?

I am in such a situation when both these extremely stupid probations are happening to me. Thus I have not been able to append my blog for such a long period of time. Having an array of incomplete assignments doesn't help, I am sure. But such is my life, I continue to seek myself a place in this harsh world.

I saw an advertisement of Allen Solly today. It said, "What I don't like, I change!".
Isn't his small statement true? Though people ask god to grant them the power to accept change, I say the contrary, be the change!
How many individuals do you know who consented with the happenings in their life, and lived the way life chose for them? NONE.

For, my good readers, only those who change their circumstances create history.

So, from today, change the circumstances, don't change because of them!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Morning Walk

Well, each day is kind of the same for me.
Get up at 6.30 am, brush, then go to school. From school come back at 1.30
pm, then sit on the comp to append to
you guys. Have a bath, then go to tuitions at around 3.30 pm. Come back from the tuitions at 6.35 pm. Sti on the comp or go to run
a bit, and then prayer at 7.30 pm and finally sit
down to study from 8.00pm. I don't know uptil when, but i just go and study.

So I just summed up my daily routine in one paragraph. Gosh! This should be the topic for paragraph writing in the english test!

It feels to me that my days are becoming monotonous. It i
s true to say, "Be born Eveey day!"

Only on the weekends do I find some excitement.
Today, as a sunday, I manage to find some time to indulge in my regular hobbies. Photography for example!

To day, i went for a moring walk, and this is it.
So , the image on the right is where I
go to. It is called the "Japanese gardens" in the city of Nagpur.

It has some wonderful walks!
Also, some vergy g
ood lawns too.

And then you go winding down the path then up thourhg a short hill into climb.
A stoll is what you need to go across the rest, but it is Beautiful!.

The play of nature!

The path is densely forested, and yet nestled in midst of absolute Ctiyscape!

So this beautiful place is also called the Seminary Hills in angpur. Do visit it when you come!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The atheist joke.

One day, an explorer, who happened to be an atheist, went to explore the amazon.
He came across various things there, but one day he happened to meet a jungle tribe. The tribe looked very fierce and he suspected them to be cannibals. It scared his wits out!

For the first time in his life, he prayed to god. "God, I am in a big mess. Help me! Save me! "

God appeared to him out of the clouds. "Son, you are not in trouble. Fear not! Take a big stone and hit the chief of the tribe on his head."

The explorer diligently followed the God's advice. He took a huge stone and smashed it against the Chief's head.

God said," Now you are in trouble!"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Impractical Ideologist: Don Quixote of La Mancha

Gold is not itself useful to adorn a lady.

True. For pure gold is soft and too malleable, thus it bends too easily and cannot be made into ornaments. Thus we require a tinge of silver, or copper, in order to reduce the purity of gold, and allow it to be made into befitting ornaments.

Talking by this analogy, let us take Ideals as gold and practice as copper.
Ideals cannot themselves be very practical in every stretch of our lives. We need our ideals to be working in practice.
If a robber robs you, and you do not retaliate, seeking that non-violence and truth will bring you justice, is lame stupidity.
In another example, it is said not to lie. But has anyone uttered not even one? If a person says so, then no that iteself is a big lie. Has anyone tried to speak every truth? If one has done so... it has only led one into more and more troubles, for absolute truth can damage, ruin or disrupt ourself.

It is not that I am against pure and good ideals. But the fact remains true that we are not so perfect that we may speak the truth all the time.
This is Practical Ideals.

Any person who goes against them is nothing but Miguel de Cervantes's chivalric hero, Don Quixote.
I really liked the book. Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra articulates in close proximity, the perils of following a complete ideal.

But I go beyond that!
Why not put into practice our ideals! Let us mix Gold into Copper, and in our daily life , uphold our cherished ideals. This is by far the best option of all this debate of Idealsim and Practice.
That is what Mahatma Gandhi did. He asked even the poorest of the farmers to uphold his ideals, in as little way as they could have, and better their lives.

Thus this brings us to a new conclusion and a dawn of the new Ideal Practicalist.

(Adapted and inspired from a writing of Kaka kalelkar)


What is prayer?

A question that has made me ponder for a long time. I do not know the answer to it, for I do not know what is it. Wikipedia describes prayer as a "act of addressing a god or spirit for the purpose of worship or petition. Specific forms of this may include praise, requesting guidance or assisttance, confessing sins, as an act of reparation or an expression of one's thoughts and emotions."

This definiton may work out good for everyone else, but for me, it does not.

As a Hindu, and a devotee of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra, I pray regularly. In the evening as well as the morning, twenty minutes of chanting and meditation.

In all cultures, praying is an integral part of the religion they follow. Buddhism focuses more on it that any other religion. Prayer in Buddhism is much more of a meditation than a wish or a dialogue. The Buddhist understand prayer as connection of the individual to the eternal , of purification in the body that leads to the nirvana. This is connection of self -improvement by praying to some supreme power.
In Christianity, prayer is an integral part of one's life. Christians pray for their miseries, for their troubles, and for thanksgiving to the almighty God. Jesus, as he is the the son of the god, often is a central part of the prayer, because he loves all men, and takes the wishes of the righteous to the supreme god.
I can go on quoting various examples from a manifest of religions and philosophies, all concentrate on the same aspect. Gandhi made his 'Satyagraha' philosophy mking prayer as his prime weapon against the oppressive British government of that time; thus is shows the power of prayer : it can shake the very foundations of our society.

But the answer isn't clear yet. I asked 'what is prayer' not how it is.

For me prayer is the crux of all our emotions and deepest wishes that sprout from the depths of our soul.
That is prayer.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Perseid! Perseid!

If today's day were clear, I would have rather gone onto the roof to wait until three in the morning.But alas it is not so. However just as I speak, the clouds are clearing. And hopefully I will get to make a wish tonight.

For some of the astronomy-enthusiasts in India, Perseid Meteor Shower is an elusive phenomenon. Not because we can't see it, but because it is mostly overshadowed. Why, I can remember the last time I saw the perseid, it as more than 4 years ago and that too an elusive one amongst clouds. I know it might be no different today, but yet the excitement of meteor showers doesn't stop.

But it was not so for many years!
Up until the 19th cnetury, no one linked meteors to rocks falling from space, but thought of them as Atmospheric phenomenon. Thomas Jefferson wrote "I would more easily believe that a Yankee professor would lie than that stones would fall from heaven." He was referring to Yale chemistry professor Benjamin Silliman' investigation of an 1807 meteorite that fell in Weston, Connecticut. Silliman believed the meteor had a cosmic origin, but meteors did not attract much attention from astronomers until the spectacular meteor storm of November 1833.

This was called the Leonid Storm. There are no photographs of the shower itself, but there are some woodcuts and paintings which survive. Take for example, this on:

This picture shows the magnificence. Over a hundred thousand meteors appeared in an hour, some of them crashing down in the backwards of people.

Generally, Leonid is considered to be most active of the meteor showers. But recently , the comet which brought meteors of the Leonid had a close encounter with the gigantic Jupiter. This
has disrupted the path of the comet, and any plus one hundred thousand meteors per hour is highly unlikely in the near future.

However this leaves us the Perseid. Today, it is the most brightest and spectacular Meteor shower today.
Hopefully, you will see mnore of them tonight, for it attains maximum Hourly Zenithal Rate (the rate of how many meteors appear in an hour) at nearly 3am tomorrow night (i.e 0830 GMT on 13th August 2009). Keep an eye on the Constellation of Perseus. And just above the star
of Algol the Demon (The Winking Demon, Algol) you will see the Meteors rushing through.

Make a wish!
Happy wishing!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

In remembrance of Nagasaki....

Today is the day that rocked our understanding of the world. The nuclear device, by some called the 'Fat man' was dropped on the port city of Nagasaki in Kyushu, Japan, leaving the world stunned for the second time in a week.

And I am still aghast.

If you want to know what happened next, better see the picture.

Gone.That is what happened in Nagasaki that day. It is devastatingly bad.
I write today and not on August 6 for I think it would be unjust to the people who died in Nagasaki. I become speechless when some one urges me to tell them my feelings abou
t the atomic bombs used in the world war II. There is no justification for it, no need for innocent civillians to be slaughthered.

This dangerous devil was dropped with the tag that it was to provide a "moral shock" to Japanese: it was intented to make them surrender. Why then, is my question, after seeing the destrucrtion in Hiroshima that the Americans proceeded to frop the devil again from sky?
Didn't the scholars and scientists who invented the "thing" understand the destruction that it can cause?
They did. They did have an idea what the A-bomb could do. One who did not have any idea what it could do is one wi
thout any brains; and it requires a lot of brains in order to make one atom bomb.

I don't hink they would be proud of that scene:

A cloud that humankind will so wnat to forget.
This horridness was caused without any meaning; it was the purest evil in the world.

The worst thing, if there can be anything worst this, is number of innocent civilians who where killed without any warning .

Consider yourself, out for a morning jog, when suddenly a ball of fire engulfs you and you vaporize.... poof! Just as Professor Horace Slughorn mouths in Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince. Life becomes vapor .... poof!

Perhaps it was even worse for the well-tilled land owning farmer. With his harvest ready, he was expecting a good year ahead. BANG! And all his hopes shatter, like the ground that was blasted off by the bomb.
Such innocent people, without any distant realation to the war were killed.

But what realization do we have of it?
Not even a single american government since the Harry S. Truman era has asked a single public apology ever. And this crime is top most one in war crimes era. I do not say that the Japanese were angels. The happenings in the WWII were all very sad, and they only teach us that humans should not war again.
But then why do we still have the devils among us? Devils who still can do some dangerous things. For all weapons that are idle are still weapons. And all weapons can damage us.

They can kill us just by their existence.

In all moral sense they should be abolished. Not only does non-proliferation help us to solve this problem, it helps us live in a threat less world.

It amazes me, that after seeing Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Atom Bombs still exists. Our governments need to start disposing them off, as fast as they can.
Or else, in the next morning, the ones to vaporise could be me . . . . you!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Exams and Education

The Indian Vedanta philosophy describes education as the harmonic intake of information regarding the study of the natural phiosophy.

Like that is ever goin to make the heads of our CBSE personnel's head buzz.

Let's face it: our world is a result driven society today. And the prime goal of our students has become to get the results with thinking about the way the problem is solved. No wonder this 'attitude' develops into cheating, corruption, bribery and the sort.

This is what plagues our education system today, and what has caused the nurture of this stupid idea is our idiotic evaluation system, a.k.a Exams.

I am not against exams. In fact,

"Gems are not polished without friction,
nor man perfected without trials"
---------------------------Chinese Proverb

Therefore, as the proverb clearly states the truth of the world, without exams, how will a person know oneself? Exams are an essential feature of our learning lives. Who will ever forget the stress, the triumphs, and the relief after the exams?
They are important.

But at the same time, if exams take the priority over education, it makes things amiss.
For example, the teachers teach what will come within the exam and do not care about the methodology. It is just like trying to concentrate on getting the egg without feeding the chicken!

I vociferously defend the student. They are caught in between what to do? whether to study for exams or conceptual understanding?

According to me, the exam pattern, at least in India should change. Student's aptitude should be given top priority. Exams should be based on conceptual clearance, and not on mechanical practice sums. Also, there should only be three Full Priority subjects and two Half priority subjects. for sports like Volley ball, Football, hockey suffer because students who are good in these fields often hae to make a big choice; and they more often than not choose academia.

Thus, many other disciplines get hampered starting at the school level. People are made to mortifically choose disciplines which they are not good in.
This must change.

Sorry for my delay

Sorry for my delay. But it was inevitable as i was busy in various other schemes and plannings.

I had my exams for one thing, and then I am writing myself a book. So.................... I guess you kinda get the idea why i didn't write anything for so long. However, Now i will voice my pinions once more.