Sunday, November 22, 2009

Henry's Handball

Well, there goes controversy again. Thierry Henry, arguably a legend of our times, handles the ball like the prince of Football once did, back in the magical days off 1986. But he question comes, whether he was a villain or a victim?
Whether or not history and millions of passionate fans would ever forget Mr. Henry for his , eh.. mishandling of the situation.

Diego Armando Maradona, as believed by many to be the best player ever to have touched the ball, shunted his slam dunk past Peter Shilton in the 1986 Quarter Final against England. It is perhaps one of the most famous (or infamous) moment in the History of football. But his goal stood the tests of time, or perhaps for the reason that the next goal Maradona scored was to be called the " Leg Of God "

Maradona go the ball from Enrique, then cuts open the England defence and feints the Keeper to the back of the net... oh yeah, the best solo ever.
Perhaps God played twice that game on Maradona's side.

But this case is entirely different from the ferocious Maradona pouncing on the ball with his bare hands; Thierry Henry didn't cheat so blatantly!
If people would look at the replay, all in real time, there was hardly any time lag between his hand and his cross. Perhaps he was expecting the whistle to blow; he was waiting the whistle to go, as people score from offside and then the whistle goes.

If it doesn't, you don't nudge on the "advantage" the referee gave.

But, as genuine sportsman, I would have like it better from the french to have told the referee immediately, but then again: would you have done the same?

It is easy for us to say it with confidence, that yes, of course, we are saints come back, and we won't accept a trice of cheat-dirt. But, consider this situation: you are carrying the burden and expectation of more than 10 million fans, wearing the honours of a proud Footballing country, and you have the reputation of your carreer; would you still have done it?

Would you still have asked for a rematch?

I agree with Henry, he didn't mean it: it all happened in the heat of the game, where our rationale is very ill balanced.

But now, when all things have been said and done, I think FIFA should have a replay of the match. It is essential for a healthy relation between two countries, and for the broken and hurt pride of sporting men; it is good for the benefit of football.

Let this shameful incident be dusted but not forgotten!

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