Tuesday, December 8, 2009


In India, the world marvels at a great democracy; but such democracy-maniacs, and you can count me in them too, are in for a true shock. It appears, as evidently as sunlight on a sunny day, that India is more of a ministocracy.

See, in India, we don't run the government. The government runs us, i. e. drives us mad. In India, it is not by the people, for the people, to the people. It is rather by the people, to the ministers, for the ministers. At least that is what the boiling underbelly of the Indian bourgeoisie says: we elect ministers, but they suck.
Just come to Nagpur this winter and you will see why.
Nagpur is a city in central India, without much of a fanfare, but it stirs when our derisory ministers come and our local babus (or local bhaus), which literally means our great Administrators, wake from their slumber and realise that the city is a little to bad in condition to welcome them. So they start work in hectic schedules that leave the citizenry baffled and add to woes of already congested roads and make them even more congested.

In short, whatever they do, only increases the troubles.

I know what the people think about them: ludicrous paunch-displays. But I don't know what misconception they have about themselves; perhaps they think that they are some sort of elite.

Let me tell you, that the the word minister is known from c.1300. It literally means "one who acts upon the authority of another". It come from Old French ministre meaning "servant" and Latin minister or ministri meaning "servant or chiefly priest's assistant " . From early 16th century it means subordinate or a subordinate to the crown.

In general, this displays what actually the word means, and those who are attested to the word must do. They are the servant of the people, serving for the well being of the society and of the people who have entrusted the administration of their country to the hands of the individuals.
Any common man would know how that administration is: corrupt, inefficient, illegible, and ridiculous.

However, this is not to mention the way they take on the various issues of the country.
A few months ago, a book by Mr. Jaswant Singh, Jinnah : India-Partition-Independence, caused so much furore, that our ministers lost sleep and shouted hoarse debating the legitimacy of history. But they were all blissfully asleep every other time. This is indeed a grave problem to our ministocracy: everything for the ministers, yet highly inefficient.

How highly inefficient?

Greatly, tremendously, incredibly inefficient. I mean, would you call a government who could not ascertain a way to mitigate the problem of electric power shortfalls? Who are blatantly biased towards their own communities? NO!
It has been over 2 years now, that Maharashtra region is facing load shedding power cuts - yet there is no respite.
Only some political ministers are good, take the case of Mr. Devendra Fadnavis. He is a little know MLA from Nagpur, but I like him! He takes up the necessary steps and agitations that we expect out of a man like him! WE NEED PEOPLE LIKE HIM!

I sincerely hope that people like him would come to the foray Indian politics. That is needed. Our current lot are tried, tested and failed; we need a younger and vibrant lot, crying hoarse on global warming and sustainable development, than a silly old Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

Tell them! That this is not the way! This is not the way! Make India a Democracy!

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