Saturday, December 19, 2009


The Cop15 Copenhagen summit got over very recently at Copenhagen, capital of Denmark.
The Copenhagen Accord, accepted and acknowledged by many countries, was the outcome of it. Let us inspect on it.

Having read the Copenhagen Accord, I came to some conclusions which are:
It does not legally bind whatever it says. Countries can violate it without sanctions.
It does not assure the world or any country as to how and where the funds it proposes would go.
It does not indicate the reduction in per capita emissions.

However it does have some merits.
The Accord recognizes the importance of afforestation to control emissions. Hm.... Perhaps someone else was shouting hoarse at the same thing for many more years.
It also establishes a Technology Mechanism to accelerate the development of sustainable technologies. I think this is the only good outcome from the COP15.
It does not specify the peaking limits of many countries.
If peaking limits were only reduced , for the currently developed countries, to levels of the now-developing countries, the world would be a happier place.

Thus is how the Copenhagen Summit resulted; it was an utter failure. It failed the hopes of many people who thought that now would be time when eveything else would be resolved. But it didn't turn out that way.

Except for the Afforestation adress there was nothing more to take not of. Where is the mechanism? Where to invest? How much more time? Nothing was specified.

Such outsomes in meeting may only result in more loss of time. A more equitable method and mechanism needs to be developed in this regard.
No wonder this dampened the spirits of many climate activists, I am certainly not very happy with it. That is why perhaps it is now being called "Flopenhagen".

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