Saturday, December 12, 2009

The sounds of the Universe

Our Universe is vast. It is nothing yet everything. Absolute.

We often imagine it to be empty and nothingness. It is just empty in between stars, separated by light years of void. But it is not so! It is vibrant, it is beautiful. It is the best creation of the God. No wonder why we are so insignificant in comparison with it.
It is huge, while we lie beside a small star, almost invisible to its grandness.

The Universe is a three-dimensional canvas for God, filled with miraculous creations. I would think of astronomers as the great connoisseurs of God's great astronomical works. The creations slowly metamorphose in time, changing their forms from one to another. A great visual delight for the true sight of the infinite power.

Where there is none, we simply think as nothingness. But it is not so. Humans as we are, we can only wonder at the marvelous mystique surrounding the surrealist works. God shrink's Salvador Dali, the best surrealist in our human perceptions, to a mere bystander beside his works.
The way to wonder at God's works is not only through eyes, but eyes and paper too.

James Clerk Maxwell, Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, are only a few of many who provided fundamental insight into the ways and creations of the God.

And one of them states that even the nothingness of the universe encompasses its existence.

The Universe has a vibration, even where it has no visible matter. That vibration is the magical essence of the universe. It is caused by the ground state fluctuations of oscillating quantized-fields in the Universe, and such fields include the Yang-Mills field of strong and weak interactions.
As this concept of ground state fluctuations is valid for all gauge theories, let us take the photonic ripples of the spacetime in a Maxwell elcectromagnetic field. The stars around the universe are radiating and emitting EM radiation over a wide range of wavelengths, and this radiations are abound in the universe. I ask myself, cannot these seemingly endless space allow the radiations to cancel, amplify and mix themselves into one resonating frequency all over this Universe?

May not it be that our Universe mixes all waves to one single vibration, which is fairly constant all over the Universe?
Many thinkers have thought about this. For example the Chinese thinkers think of the mysterious energy force Chi. Can't this chi be resonated with this Universal vibration?
Yes It can!

If we go on about vibrations, then other notable thinking and practical use is of the Hindu Rishis. The use of the syllable "Om" in meditation isn't just hocus-pocus ideas. It is a concept deeply thought! While pronouncing the word, the body feels a deep vibration coming from deep within, even as the eye seeks whilst it surveys the creation of God. In music, the best classical musics really do bring about that dreamy state of mind, as I find myself unto now. The correct beat, the right tones and right fluctuation can bring us forth this Universal rumble, which mea permeate the very fabric of reality.

And thus this is the sound of the Universe! The masterpiece of the heavenly Maestro!

How can we we enjoy this? Just switch on some great Mozart or Beethhoven or Bach, you will surely find the gauge field permeating through you.

And then you will feel, the world giving away, and you enjoying the secret pleasures of the vibration. Jai Guru deva..... OM ......

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