Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Exams and Education

The Indian Vedanta philosophy describes education as the harmonic intake of information regarding the study of the natural phiosophy.

Like that is ever goin to make the heads of our CBSE personnel's head buzz.

Let's face it: our world is a result driven society today. And the prime goal of our students has become to get the results with thinking about the way the problem is solved. No wonder this 'attitude' develops into cheating, corruption, bribery and the sort.

This is what plagues our education system today, and what has caused the nurture of this stupid idea is our idiotic evaluation system, a.k.a Exams.

I am not against exams. In fact,

"Gems are not polished without friction,
nor man perfected without trials"
---------------------------Chinese Proverb

Therefore, as the proverb clearly states the truth of the world, without exams, how will a person know oneself? Exams are an essential feature of our learning lives. Who will ever forget the stress, the triumphs, and the relief after the exams?
They are important.

But at the same time, if exams take the priority over education, it makes things amiss.
For example, the teachers teach what will come within the exam and do not care about the methodology. It is just like trying to concentrate on getting the egg without feeding the chicken!

I vociferously defend the student. They are caught in between what to do? whether to study for exams or conceptual understanding?

According to me, the exam pattern, at least in India should change. Student's aptitude should be given top priority. Exams should be based on conceptual clearance, and not on mechanical practice sums. Also, there should only be three Full Priority subjects and two Half priority subjects. for sports like Volley ball, Football, hockey suffer because students who are good in these fields often hae to make a big choice; and they more often than not choose academia.

Thus, many other disciplines get hampered starting at the school level. People are made to mortifically choose disciplines which they are not good in.
This must change.

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