Sunday, August 9, 2009

In remembrance of Nagasaki....

Today is the day that rocked our understanding of the world. The nuclear device, by some called the 'Fat man' was dropped on the port city of Nagasaki in Kyushu, Japan, leaving the world stunned for the second time in a week.

And I am still aghast.

If you want to know what happened next, better see the picture.

Gone.That is what happened in Nagasaki that day. It is devastatingly bad.
I write today and not on August 6 for I think it would be unjust to the people who died in Nagasaki. I become speechless when some one urges me to tell them my feelings abou
t the atomic bombs used in the world war II. There is no justification for it, no need for innocent civillians to be slaughthered.

This dangerous devil was dropped with the tag that it was to provide a "moral shock" to Japanese: it was intented to make them surrender. Why then, is my question, after seeing the destrucrtion in Hiroshima that the Americans proceeded to frop the devil again from sky?
Didn't the scholars and scientists who invented the "thing" understand the destruction that it can cause?
They did. They did have an idea what the A-bomb could do. One who did not have any idea what it could do is one wi
thout any brains; and it requires a lot of brains in order to make one atom bomb.

I don't hink they would be proud of that scene:

A cloud that humankind will so wnat to forget.
This horridness was caused without any meaning; it was the purest evil in the world.

The worst thing, if there can be anything worst this, is number of innocent civilians who where killed without any warning .

Consider yourself, out for a morning jog, when suddenly a ball of fire engulfs you and you vaporize.... poof! Just as Professor Horace Slughorn mouths in Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince. Life becomes vapor .... poof!

Perhaps it was even worse for the well-tilled land owning farmer. With his harvest ready, he was expecting a good year ahead. BANG! And all his hopes shatter, like the ground that was blasted off by the bomb.
Such innocent people, without any distant realation to the war were killed.

But what realization do we have of it?
Not even a single american government since the Harry S. Truman era has asked a single public apology ever. And this crime is top most one in war crimes era. I do not say that the Japanese were angels. The happenings in the WWII were all very sad, and they only teach us that humans should not war again.
But then why do we still have the devils among us? Devils who still can do some dangerous things. For all weapons that are idle are still weapons. And all weapons can damage us.

They can kill us just by their existence.

In all moral sense they should be abolished. Not only does non-proliferation help us to solve this problem, it helps us live in a threat less world.

It amazes me, that after seeing Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Atom Bombs still exists. Our governments need to start disposing them off, as fast as they can.
Or else, in the next morning, the ones to vaporise could be me . . . . you!

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