Saturday, August 15, 2009

Morning Walk

Well, each day is kind of the same for me.
Get up at 6.30 am, brush, then go to school. From school come back at 1.30
pm, then sit on the comp to append to
you guys. Have a bath, then go to tuitions at around 3.30 pm. Come back from the tuitions at 6.35 pm. Sti on the comp or go to run
a bit, and then prayer at 7.30 pm and finally sit
down to study from 8.00pm. I don't know uptil when, but i just go and study.

So I just summed up my daily routine in one paragraph. Gosh! This should be the topic for paragraph writing in the english test!

It feels to me that my days are becoming monotonous. It i
s true to say, "Be born Eveey day!"

Only on the weekends do I find some excitement.
Today, as a sunday, I manage to find some time to indulge in my regular hobbies. Photography for example!

To day, i went for a moring walk, and this is it.
So , the image on the right is where I
go to. It is called the "Japanese gardens" in the city of Nagpur.

It has some wonderful walks!
Also, some vergy g
ood lawns too.

And then you go winding down the path then up thourhg a short hill into climb.
A stoll is what you need to go across the rest, but it is Beautiful!.

The play of nature!

The path is densely forested, and yet nestled in midst of absolute Ctiyscape!

So this beautiful place is also called the Seminary Hills in angpur. Do visit it when you come!

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