Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Writer's Block!

What is most frustating? To know what you have to write, but you can't write, OR you don't know what you must write but keep on writing?

I am in such a situation when both these extremely stupid probations are happening to me. Thus I have not been able to append my blog for such a long period of time. Having an array of incomplete assignments doesn't help, I am sure. But such is my life, I continue to seek myself a place in this harsh world.

I saw an advertisement of Allen Solly today. It said, "What I don't like, I change!".
Isn't his small statement true? Though people ask god to grant them the power to accept change, I say the contrary, be the change!
How many individuals do you know who consented with the happenings in their life, and lived the way life chose for them? NONE.

For, my good readers, only those who change their circumstances create history.

So, from today, change the circumstances, don't change because of them!


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