Friday, September 25, 2009

Nuclear Non-Proliferation

The outcome at the last UNSC meeting was to urge all countries in the world to take action to stop production of nuclear fuel, or any related equipment. It also urges countries to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty. However, what it did not do is to ensure the world that it is free from the threat of nuclear Proliferation.

I say this because we have had this going on for years and yet not have arrived at any logical conclusion. It is only treaties treaties and more treaties.
I am sorry, but i just cannot imagine myself as safe by knowing that a powerful state has signed a treaty by which it promises not to hit me. Promises can be broken. What security does the treaty give us?
International retaliation? Well , when the world will go in the hands of fanatics, that is hardly a deterrent. We should understand well enough that if even a single nuclear bomb is launched, we will be dead, many of us at least.

Even though India has not signed the NPT, I firmly and strongly have the faith that Indian Nuclear weapons shall never be used, fro the person who shall use them will be taken from his house and hung on the streets. The power of the Indian people is much stronger than any treaty India has ever signed.

This is what I write about. There is no such mechanism to prevent use of nukes. Only treaties.

It is high time that our leaders finally realize their folly and make out such an international mechanism that could prevent any state to use the nukes. Only then can they convince the public that indeed they are safe.

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