Thursday, September 25, 2008

Change of Attitudes

I was recently talking to my friend at school. She was saying about her birthday gift. She was to have a Honda Activa. It is actually a vehicle, a scooter.

Well, she is only 16.
She can and should drive.

But when I Asked her about why did she not take an electric vehicle, she answered,"What! Electric Vehicles! No way! I'd rather walk than drive that."
Well, it is not her fault. She reflects what most people in India think about Eco-friendly technologies.

Speed matters more than the Earth.
I was talking with a person i know very well. He drives a Pulsar 220 motorbike. I asked him why did he not take an electric vehicle when he easily could take ten of them, and that to powerful ones. He answered that,"I won't get speed and acceleration with that. No way! 40 to 60 kmph, nope, thats not what i want. I want Speed."
When i reminded him that he is not Valentino Rossi and does not get any money after winning a race but a punishment from the traffic rules, he lambasts me.

Imagine, Speed more important than the Earth.

Electric Vehicles do not look cool.
It is foolish thoughts, after seeing some of the more stylish vehicles produced from Honda and Mercedes.

But what can a person do?
Even if after all the things being said they don't understand then what can the activist do?
And then they blame us.
They blame us for unnecessarily taking up issues to disturb them. Then, they blame us for all the lack of initiatives to save the Earth.
I have only one thing to say for them.

Rise People, Rise;
Rise from you drunken stupor;
Save the World
Change your Attitudes

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