Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Arctic circumnavigation..........

That's now a fact. for the first time in history can we circumnavigate the arctic ice cap. If you don't believe it then look for yourself:


let us all first start with a geographical description of how the north polar ice cap is. Starting from the Bering bay, ice is found all over the arctic ocean except for some places like the Bering strait. But truly, never was it expected to find no ice in the Baffin island, nor was it expected that ice will melt within the 80 latitude zone. The Independent revealed that:

"But it is the simultaneous opening – for the first time in at least 125,000 years – of the North-west passage around Canada and the North-east passage around Russia that promises to deliver much the greatest shock. Until recently both had been blocked by ice since the beginning of the last Ice Age."

Strange but true, as this situation was not expected before 2050. Just imagine! 2050! And we have got this 42 years before. Again, from The Independent :

"Many scientists now predict that the Arctic ocean will be ice-free in summer by 2030 – and a landmark study this year by Professor Wieslaw Maslowski at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, concluded that there will be no ice between mid-July and mid-September as early as 2013."

Alas, some day will come when there will be no ice on the top of the world. Polar bears shall swim in hope of a home. But that will only be a false hope. No ice, just as it was projected in his documentary for global warming, "An inconvenient truth", by Al Gore.
Days will come when Antarctica will also melt, and the dramatic effects of it will be felt worldwide.
Days will come when all of New York will be under water. Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai, Sydney shall all be underwater. Those who quaff all these off by saying, "Rubbish", think again. This was projected in 2005, along with the fact that arctic will sport no ice during the summers.
All that has been projected is coming true, but at a level more alarming than before. Even as I write, a boy starts his motorbike, and like a fool accelerates it standing on neutral. His massive 500 cc engine roars. And he does all this just to impress a girl living next door.
Sometimes I feel what is it to them? What if there is no ice at the north pole? What the damn do they care about polar bears. Yet he was telling me some days ago how the rains haven't been upto the mark in Nagpur and how it wreaked havoc in West Bengal. He said, "yaar! Barish to pagal ho gayi hai ( Man! The rains have gone mad)".
I tried to explain him the gravity of the situation to which he answered, "Bore mat kar (Don't be a bore) "

Well, there you go. Similar to him are the shipping companies, who will use it to speed up the trade between the two continents of North America and Asia.

God, save us! Apocalypse is not far away if this continues.
Such incidents will continue to happen, and happen for a long time if don't change our habits. Such incidents bend our attention towards our dear mother nature. She needs care and attention in such a time of distress.

Let us help her. Let us all be good sons and daughters of mother Earth.

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