Monday, March 1, 2010

An Injury can ruin!

Aaron Ramsey is wonderful player.
If Fabregas leaves Arsenal for Barcelona, I am sure Ramsey would be a super replacement for him. However, On February 27, 2010, He conceded a horrific tackle from Ryan Shawcross straight on his shins, and now lies in a hospital with his tibia and fibula fractured.

I couldn't post a picture, but I am posting this video, courtesy YouTube.

If you have the will, then see this, for I certainly don't want to see this thing happen again. It is so unjustified, that Ramsey get that injury. HE is 19! Why should he be so unlucky? He is apt to step in the shoes of Cesc Fabregas, but all of a sudden he is now fighting for his career.

I know this unfairness of God, but I am sure that he has planned something better for Ramsey. Surely, I pray for him, and I know you would too!

About that challenge, well it's a contact sport you know. It could have been worse, there have been worse, but thank god nothing else happened. Shawcross though could have prevented that from happening because evidently, he could have stopped that sliding clear. Ramsey is inexperienced, and he just could not come in properly, and was second best in the challenge. Shawcross didn't have any malice intended from that challenge though. I think he should recompose himself, and drop by Ramsey to apologies.

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