Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Video games

Hm mm.......

For most of the parents (at least mine) it is something that a child does to waste his time. Yesterday when I was playing Ragnarok Online, my parents and i had a very heated argument.

Ragnarok Online is also known as the other world, where players play a certain character, chat with other players real time. It is great, because i get to interact with people from around India and play a rather very interesting game. It is really very much like real life, you get money from killing monsters and then spend it to thrive inside the game. From this I learnt a very interesting thing, there is no fruit until hard work is done for that. Isn't that a very necessary lesson from a time wasting game?

Video Games today are a very big industry of +$5billion. Every now and then a new console comes out for playing. Many parents think that buying one will ruin their children (at least in India).
But i don't think so.

Everything can teach us everything.
This is a philosophy that I believe in. Not only games can teach us the basics of life, they can enthrall us in equal measure to that of a five star NBA game.
If we don't learn anything from what we do, we simply waste our lives. And video games can teach us a lot of things. Eg.
1. I learnt the defense of many a castle, fortress etc. from AoE (age of empires)
2. I learnt to utilise my monetary resources in Ragnarok Online.
3. I learnt that only Quick thinking can save us from danger in Mission IGI
4. I learnt that kindness, team work, hard work, smart work and diligence are key to successes from pokémon.

See? You can learn so many things from games. Only if someone kept their eyes open......

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